Conceived in 1993 and born out of inspired love of hot food, hemp and useless information, Big Fatty’s Flaming Foods had evolved from creating one of a kind “Hot Biscotti” and “Flaming Hemp Patties” for local fairs in a tiny farmhouse kitchen to a small yet growing family run company in 1996.

By 1998, despite setbacks, delays and disappointments, Big Fatty survived the early growing pains to finally see the

completion of the House of Pain and

the start of our new adventure.

Not so fast, Big Fatty! A feature segment in the early days of the Food Network sidelined our business and we ended up building a restaurant on the square in Valley View, on a dirt lot, from the ground up with 15 credit cards and a vision. It was good times in our tiny town but not what we had originally set out to do.

The 2008 Recession put a stop to all that, and in the following years, as we dealt with personal and professional heartbreak, business mutations, small victories and an epic pandemic, we never lost our vision or gave up on our dream. 

Our story has taken many twists and turns and we are pleased to have remained small and fiercely independent through determination, creativity and perseverance on our mission to bring psychotropic, endorphin charged sweet heat and spicy natural foods to the people while having some fun and sharing some love along the way. Enter the growing world of Big Fatty’s Flaming Foods, gifts and socially conscious clothing. 

Big Fatty looks forward to hearing from you and hopes you remember that the best ingredient in all Big Fatty food, is love.

Spread the word.

Burnin” Love,

Big Fatty 



First Place
National Fiery Food Show 2001 Scovee Awards
Sweet Heat Category.

First Place
Cranberry Cayenne Hot Biscotti at the 2001 Texas Fiery Food Show, Texas Shoot-Out Competition.

First Place
Chocolate Chipotle Hot Biscotti at the 2000 Texas Fiery Food Show.

First Place
Habañero Hemp Hot Biscotti at the 1998 Texas Fiery Food Show.

First Place
Mistress Karlita’s Spankin’ Rub at the 1998 Texas Fiery Food Show.

Second Place
Combustable Cornbread Mix at the 2001 Texas Fiery Food Show, Texas Shoot-Out Competition.

Second Place
Chocolate Chipotle Hot Biscotti at the 2000 National Scovee Awards.

Third Place
Combustible Cornbread Mix at the 2000 Texas fiery Food Show.

First Place

2019 Albuquerque Fiery Food Show  

Second Place

2019 Irving Zest Fest